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Drilling Machine

Spindle Type (D Series)
Small lightweight machine. Easy to disassemble, transport, and reassemble. Could be applied to any types of drilling engineering such as survey, injection work, and small-sized water well drilling, even in limited workspace.
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Spindle Type (DH Series)
Mid- to large-sized machine with ample thrust force, balance and torque. Used for foundation pilings, landslide prevention pilings, and water well drilling.
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Spindle Type (DU Series)
Mid- to large-sized machine with six-speed for forward rotation, two-speed for reverse by shifting the transmission gears. Specialized in deep drilling such as deep water wells, hot spring drilling and prospection drilling.
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Low Head Drive Type
Drilling machine with the swivel head set up in a low position. Standard equipment of hydraulic automatic chuck enables quick and safe attachment/detachment of rods.
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Top Head Drive Type
Equipped with a drill head that is capable of double-rod tube drilling. Specialized in drilling at risk of collapsing. Could be applied to drainage well work for landslide prevention, or anchor-hole work for retaining wall.
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Air Operated Drill Type
All air-driven, lightweight drilling machine. Capable of anchor-bolt work and rock-bolt work even at high elevations or limited workspace. Also available are suspended crane type, backhoe compatible type, and noise-proof covered type machines.
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For Soil Improvement
Exclusively developed for chemical grouting and jet-grouting works.
For jet-grouting works, rotation speed and pull-up speed are selectable depending on the soil condition or engineering condition. Provides reliable pilings for soil improvement.
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