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Engineering department

Construction consultation / Geological survey

It is important to understand geographic features/structures of the site for disaster control, or designing and construction of the structure. While performing various surveys and examinations regarding the ground, we offer the necessary information and make plans for engineering, which meets our customer needs.

Types of engineering

Surface Exploration, Slope & Landslide Survey, Geological Survey, Environmental Survey, Geophysical Exploration, Soil Lavoratry Tests, Borehole Logging, Soil Pollution Survey

Offered machines

Spindle Type (D Series)Spindle Type (DU Series)

geological survey(coring)geological survey(coring)
geological survey(coring)geological survey(coring)
Drilling for install instrumentDrilling for install instrument
Landslide surveyLandslide survey
Core sampleCore sample
Core sample
Core sample