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Drilling & Grouting Pump (BG Series)
To pump fluids by converting rotating force of the motor into piston strokes. Used to circulate the muddy water for drilling or to pump the cement milk.
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Mortar & Lubricant Pump (PA Series)
To pump the fluid by hydraulic piston strokes. Used to pump fluids with high viscosity like mortar or lubricant fluid for microtunneling.
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Chemical Grouting Pump (CPW, BGW Series)
To pump two kinds of chemical grout and mix them near the discharge opening. The mixture is injected into the soil for improvement or water-tightening.
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Drilling & Grouting Pump (CP Series)
To pump cement milk for foundations of the dam. More stable grouting is assured due to the reduced pulsing stream with the speed regulator-equipped triple pumps.
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