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Engineering department

Other engineering

Variety of engineering techniques for maintaining infrastructures such as reilroad, highway, water supplies, and telecommunications network. The drilling techniques we have developed contribute to the basis of your everday life.

Types of engineering

Micro Tunnelling Work, Pipe Umbrella Arch Method

Offered machines

Top Head Drive Type

OK mole methodOK mole method
TH Pipe-roofingTH Pipe-roofing
TH Pipe-roofing (under railways)TH Pipe-roofing (under railways)
TH Pipe-roofing (under highway road)TH Pipe-roofing (under highway road)
TH Pipe-roofing (mountain tunnnel)TH Pipe-roofing (mountain tunnnel)
TH Pipe-roofing
TH Pipe-roofing